Juniper & 5th is ideally located to provide walk-able access to much of what Midtown has to offer. Additionally, it is uniquely situated just one block east of Peachtree Street, the main thoroughfare for office, retail, and high-rise residential, while the area to the west of Juniper Street is more residential in nature. In fact, the residential area west of the site is recognized as the Midtown Neighborhood Historic District. Lastly, this is the last develop-able site between 14th Street and Ponce de Leon on the east side of Juniper Street.
Within a half-mile of the site (considered by city planners to be a 10-minute walk), there exists over 8 million square feet of office space occupied by hundreds of employers! Moreover, Midtown has emerged as the high-tech hub for metro Atlanta and is currently the site for significant new development that is both high-profile and cutting edge. This represents a staggering increase of 20% based on the 65,000 existing jobs in the 1.2-square-mile midtown district, according to the Midtown Alliance.
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