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Castleberry Park by Bolton Atlanta LP

Castleberry Park by Bolton Atlanta LP is an urban complex located in the prime downtown Atlanta. Adjacent to the 1.6-billion Mercedez-Benz Stadium and the historical Castleberry Hill district, Castleberry Park is a 2.4-acre project that carries high commercial and social value. The complex consists of a 11-story Hard Rock luxury hotel, three 6-to-7-story apartment buildings and affiliated storefront, a centralized parking lot with over 378 parking spaces, parks, lawns and other supporting facilities.

With expertise, professionalism and quality service, PowerBuild Construction stood out and won a competitive bidding to have obtained all Castleberry Park projects including soil remediation and land grading and leveling. In the construction process, PowerBuild applied efficient management, operation and coordination to have completed the early-stage projects ahead of schedule with high quality while maintaining a reasonable cost level.


Downtown Atlanta – Castleberry Park


Bolton Atlanta LP

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