About PowerBuild

PowerBuild Construction is a licensed construction company that provides property construction, property maintenance, renovation and construction-related services. As a licensed General Contractor and Utility Contractor in Georgia, PowerBuild is committed to providing a full set of property solutions from architectural consulting, valuation, contracting, construction to delivery and property maintenance.

PowerBuild accepts a variety of construction projects, including high-rise hotels, office buildings, commercial complexes, apartments, townhomes, single-family homes, warehouses and others. With a professional team of more than 20 construction managers and architects, PowerBuild has become the most trusted construction company in the Atlanta area.

PowerBuild is currently undertaking 15 projects with a total construction cost of about two hundred million dollars and a total gross floor area of about one million square feet.

Management Team

  • Eric Xue
    Eric Xue CEO

    Mr. Xue is in charge of PowerBuild’s general management. Mr. Xue holds a B.S. from Tsinghua University and an MBA from Georgia Institute of Technology. Mr. Xue has 15 years of management experience in US-China real estate funds, financial institutions and high-tech fields.

  • Ming Liu
    Ming Liu CFO

    Mr. Liu is responsible for financial and investment management of PowerBuild and its affiliates. Mr. Liu is a Certified Public Accountant and has more than 10 years of experience in real estate investment and development, real estate fund accounting and tax compliance.

  • Michael Massey
    Michael Massey General Superintendent

    Mr. Massey has 40 years of experience in construction management and is mainly responsible for on-site management and personnel deployment of PowerBuild’s large-scale projects.

  • Emilian Ghinga
    Emilian Ghinga Electrical Project Manager

    Mr. Ghinga has 20 years of experience in electrical engineering and is responsible for electrical engineering management of PowerBuild’s 15 projects.

  • Jafet Ortega
    Jafet Ortega Project Manager

    Mr. Ortega is an accomplished professional with over 22 years of comprehensive experience in large-, medium- and small-scale project management and engineering management. Mr. Ortega is responsible for 4 of PowerBuild’s 15 projects.

  • Trellis Strickland
    Trellis Strickland Project Manager

    Ms. Strickland has 15 years of experience in project management and is responsible for 3 of PowerBuild’s 15 projects. Ms. Strickland has many years of experience with development of multi-use buildings, multi-purpose family condos and townhomes.

  • Marshall McCloud
    Marshall McCloud Project Manager

    Mr. McCloud has 16 years of experience in project management and is responsible for PowerBuild’s large-scale projects. Mr. Marshall is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserves, and he brings that experience and discipline to PowerBuild as Project Manager specializing in high-rise concrete structures.

  • Terry Sykes
    Terry Sykes General Superintendent

    Mr. Sykes has more than 20 years of experience in all types of building construction and has joined PowerBuild as an experienced General Superintendent.

Company Services


PowerBuild has a professional team of experienced architects and cost engineers that are actively involved in all development phases of our construction projects. Our team provides architectural consulting, cost and duration estimation and value analysis from both constructional and investment perspectives. Property owners will be able to place “value investment” as a priority objective throughout the project.


PowerBuild’s professional construction management team undertakes management of various types of projects – from high-rise hotels to low density residential houses, and from commercial complexes to industrial warehouses. PowerBuild prides itself in construction and engineering expertise and is committed to providing high-quality, low-cost construction for every project it undertakes. Well-known and well-capitalized, PowerBuild strives to provide exceptional product and service to all property owners.


PowerBuild has a professional team that delivers high-quality, low-cost renovation and furnishing service for both residential and commercial projects.